At ivy, we don’t limit our practice to one sector or vertical.

Today’s hiring is diverse and we’ve recognized the limitations of relying on one sector. As you grow your team, you’ve told us you want to add experiences, skills and world-views that propel growth and ensure relevancy, not keep the status quo. Whether you’re a:


Profit driven enterprise requiring a personal touch


Private equity firm that needs to grow beyond your network


In-house talent acquisition overwhelmed by high demands


Executive search firm that needs help managing workload


Fiscally-conscious organizations making a difference

ivy’s Professional Recruitment methodology helps evolve performance for:

Boards, C-Suite and Executive Teams for:

Small to Medium-sized enterprises; Pre-IPO and newly listed; Seed to late stage start-up; Subsidiaries of global companies; Professional Service partnerships; Family, Founder or Owner run; Professional, trade, industry associations; Think Tanks; Charities; Family Offices; Government and Crown Corporations; Academic

Leadership, managerial or core contributors:

Marketing, Communications, Sales, Business Development, Distribution, Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance, Investor Relations, Human Resources, Change Management, Tech, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Operations, Production, Manufacturing, Strategy, Planning

Industries that ivy has worked in include:


Professional Services

Professional Services

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Retail & Wholesale

Retail & Wholesale





Digital Marketing Agency & Media

Digital Marketing Agency & Media


Financial Services


Consumer Goods & ecommerce


Hospitality & Tourism


Accounting & Legal




Transportation & Automotive


Social Enterprise & Non Profit




Real Estate & REITs


Construction & Building Services



Examples of our recent work

Partner, Head of Customer Experience

Global Consultancy

We placed a Partner at one of the big 4 global consulting firms to head their National Customer Experience practice. The client wanted a thought leader to drive development of their customer experience practice, working with their large corporate clients to drive transformation of legacy corporate structures to meet the needs of digital consumers.

Chief Product Officer

Ecommerce Platform

With significant private equity funding our client was looking for a top tier Chief Product Officer to join their team. After our initial research and outsourcing our market research and feedback discovered that the title was misaligned with what the role needed. We were able to work quickly with our client to recalibrate the role and recast it as a Chief Technology officer which was much more indicative of the scope of the mandate and resulted in the best hire.

General Manager, Banking Practice

Software Company

Our client was changing their entire business model and looking to develop three distinct practices under the umbrella of their current structure. They were also looking to round out the Executive team with a female – a common challenge and subsequent opportunity, in the technology sector. We placed a leading female candidate from the banking software landscape who had both enterprise experience as well as an entrepreneurial drive which is exactly the candidate profile they were looking for.

Vice President Operations

Technology Company

Our client, a decades old, leading technology company HQ’d in Toronto was looking for their first female executive hire in the history of the organization. They also needed to be a skilled operator in the IT sector and bring fresh ideas to a company hungry to modernize their mandate. In a limited pool we were able to present an A-list of female candidates resulting in a successful hire.

Chief Information Officer

Global Manufacturing Company

A well-established, large manufacturing company, HQ’d in Toronto, with operations in the US, Europe and Asia, launched a search for a CIO shortly before Covid. Prior to shut down we had a slate of solid IT candidates matching the requisite leadership and skill profile. The search was paused for several months and upon resuming, the company made a conscious decision to diversify the talent pool – we relaunched the search and presented the client with a diverse slate of candidates, in a limited candidate pool, resulting in a successful hire.

Vice President, Finance; Vice President, Operations; Vice President, Corporate Development

New start-up, portfolio company of a major Canadian PE firm

The PE firm approached us to build the executive team for a newly launched, roll-up within the healthcare/wellness space. Given the recent inception of the company, with no previous customers, candidates had to join the company based on trust in the President and the PE firm. All roles were successfully filled with a diverse candidate slate.