About us.

Changing the way people think about hiring & growth

ivy was founded by a group of inspired women who wanted to transform an aging industry into a modern, progressive solution using the best practices in research, assessment, technology and personal development. We’ve dedicated ourselves to finding great talent for growing organizations for over 20 years.

Our mission

To grow organizations by delivering exceptional experiences and results to clients, candidates and partners.

What’s in a name

Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant that grows anywhere, survives tough conditions and reaches incredible heights. Our co-founders believe that growth, with the right guidance, can happen anywhere under any condition.


ivy advantage

One DNA, One Provider

In learning about your company, we dive deep into your DNA. When we hire your leaders, we know who will thrive under their mentorship. When we hire your strategic contributors, we know who will work well with your leaders. Engaging multiple firms to work at different levels of the organization is siloed and outdated. Viewing the organization as a whole and understanding how the pieces function together is a more holistic, modern approach.


Do you love sitting on the tarmac waiting for the captain to speak? We know how frustrating it is to wait for updates when you’re ready to hire so we cut out the middle layer. Our modern technology allows clients to view searches and progress in real-time. Leveraging technology and our regular update meetings, we constantly feedback market intelligence providing insights that can refine or even reform the search strategy.

We’re virtual

While our team is established, we don’t carry the baggage that comes with carrying unnecessary, costly office space. We’ve already adapted to the new world that hundreds of thousands of employers and employees are now faced with. Welcome to the future, we’ve been expecting you.

Diverse Talent Pools

Relying on networks is a dated approach. We know they work to a degree – we grow and nurture them ourselves. But as the leading feature for recruitment in this diverse world? Definitely not. Networks reinforce a cycle that locks out some of the best and brightest talent out there. Not only are we creating and celebrating new connections in all verticals, but we understand that today’s best talent may be found in the places you’d least expect them. We assess for competencies and outcomes, not checkmarks on a resume or relationships formed generations ago.


We know you love the quality of Executive Search. So do we. Two of our founding partners grew up in it. But we live in a world of technology-evolved search and the heavy fees associated with the Executive Search world are based on practices that are no longer relevant in today’s market. While the contingency model has a more appealing fee structure, it’s heavily flawed. Transactional and focused on volume over quality, it isn’t suited to complex and consultative engagements. ivy has incorporated the best practices of executive search with the value-based fees found in contingency and boutique resulting in a digestible fee structure that doesn’t sacrifice high quality.

ivy is a full service firm with pricing and practices rooted in the 21st century
  • Attractive, fair fees and a flexible service model
  • Transparent process
  • Modern search technology and research strategies