What’s the Plan?
Strategic Analysis

It’s our mission to figure out the needs of your organization. We look beyond the job description to understand how the success of the role impacts the business as a whole. Using our proven frameworks, our search strategy is designed to understand the best places to search and to pinpoint the track record, achievements and competencies that will surface the best talent.

Needs Analysis · Role Definition · Process Development · Position Description

Where’s the Talent?
Talent Sourcing & Attraction

Our talent sourcing and attraction methods go far beyond the usual networks and LinkedIn. Combining our advanced recruitment technology stack with fact-based intelligence we create customized solutions that meet the needs of each unique hiring circumstance, delivering a transparent and optimized recruitment experience.

Market Intelligence · Research Strategy · Target List · Talent Mapping · Strategic Sourcing · Talent Identification · Inbound & Outbound Attraction · Pipelining · Screening · Candidate Development · Succession Planning

Who’s the Best Fit?
Validation & Placement

We take talent through a screening and interview process to determine role fit and culture add. Carefully designed questions and assessments enable us to explore a 360 view of talent that includes track record, significant accomplishments, skills and character.

Assessment · Client Interviews · Talent Management · Offer · Negotiation Support · References · Background Checks