Professional recruitment and people performance services.

When it comes to executive search and professional recruitment, it’s a crowded market. On the high end, executive search fees are astronomical. On the low end, contingency is too transactional to be strategic.

Across the board there’s a heavy reliance on networks, which is limiting when we know that today’s hiring needs are diverse. And the need for brick and mortar locations is becoming obsolete (and expensive to maintain).

For an industry serving a modern marketplace, many agencies have practices that harken back to the 1950s, when search first launched. Transparency, technology, diversity and virtual capabilities are the keys to thriving right now so why hasn’t the industry kept up. Does recruitment have to be this way? 

Definitely not.

Introducing ivy.

ivy is a response to a dusty industry that needs transformation not only from a technological perspective but also from a philosophical one. We want to address the questions we hear like:

Introducing ivy

Why is Executive search
so costly?

We don’t need the full service. Why can’t you
help us?

Why do we need one firm to hire executives, and a different one for other positions?

Why are we using agencies that flood us with quantity not quality or worse, ghost us when the search gets tough?

We found a better way

We’ve taken the best of all of the recruitment models – executive, retained, contingency – and created one model that can look after all of the strategic hires in your organization.

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