ivy’s Organizational Services Include:

Executive Search

ivy Executive search leverages our combined background at larger, national firms by applying best practices and process with every search. Our entrepreneurial experience allows us to infuse innovation, creativity and agility into everything we do, ensuring the best of both worlds.

Professional Search

Who says that the quality of Executive search only belongs to the C-suite? ivy belives that emerging leadership and individual contributor roles deserve the same sort of rigour and attention that Executive search demands so you won’t find us splitting the difference.

ivy In-House

Whether it’s due to market expansion, a funding event, a new product launch or an increase in market demand, we’re available to work directly with organizations who lack a dedicated internal talent resource but desire the​ guidance of full time, in-house, expertise. Hire us for a month or for a year; we’ll act as an extension of your organization for as little or as long as you need us.

Career Transition

myCareer services are offered to organizations needing assistance to transition employees out of the workforce. Our customized programs offer individuals a trusted advisor to guide them through the uncertainty of change and help them find purpose where it might be lost.

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Intelligence-infused talent market insight  

We combine our consulative and inclusive high touch approach with timely, talent market data. Our expertise is finding and attracting high-impact people for high-impact roles within the context of the current talent market landscape. 

  • We act as your external ambassador, telling your story and showcasing your opportunity
  • Our search strategy is guided by demographics and market structure
  • You will know if your opportunity resonates as it is or if you need to adjust
  • You will gain insight on the composition of the potential talent pool for your position

Personalized, empathetic, supportive 

It can take six, nine, even eighteen months to find a career. Working with a career transition provider can cut that time in half not to mention other benefits including:

  • Providing a supportive guide to transitioning employees
  • Reducing legal liability and reputational fallout from former employees by providing them with help
  • Minimizing stress and maintaining morale for existing employees who might otherwise feel that they are not safe
  • Supporting your organization to live its values at all points of the employee life-cycle

Who we serve

Our sweet spot is working with organizations undergoing transformation and change. We work extensively with Canadian organizations and those expanding into Canada: 

  • Small to medium sized private, owner/founder run companies 
  • Mid-market Canadian public companies  
  • Pre and/or recent IPO companies  
  • Private equity portfolio companies  
  • Purpose driven organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit) 
  • Professional/trade associations  
  • Crown corporations  

Changemakers we support 

We use our consultative recruitment approach and methodology to help find, attract and retain people with the right domain expertise who perform along the decision-making continuum: 

The “C” Leaders:  People responsible for strategic ideation and direction, for casting vision, monitoring and reporting on performance 

Managers: People to help you manage a team, and successfully drive activities towards strategic goals and objectives. 

Aspiring leaders and core contributors: People that provide specialized domain expertise or technical competencies needed to drive your team forward.  

Board governance: People who provide deep expertise and advisory to keep your organization on track 

We’re here to help

Industries we serve

We bring years of experience operating across industries with complex and rapidly-changing dynamics, getting you access to senior talent that can get up to speed and drive impact quickly.

Business and
professional services

Consumer, entertainment
and sport

Health and

Technology, digital
and SaaS

Environmental and

Fintech and financial

Private equity and
venture capital

Social enterprise and

Meet our recruitment team

Meet our recruitment team