Meet ivy

ivy is a people consultancy group offering organizational and individual services centered around growth.

We offer:

  • Executive Search for high-impact, leadership positions
  • Professional Search for leaders-in-training, aspiring managers and core contributors
  • In-house talent acquisition services for growth organizations looking to scale
  • Individualized and team coaching to accelerate personal and group performance
  • Career wellness for individuals in transition or actively searching for their next role
  • Programs for companies looking to provide transitional support to employees.
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Who we Serve

We’re the partner of choice for:

  • Canadian organizations growing in North America  
  • Organizations entering or expanding into the Canadian market
  • Organizations who need help supporting their employees transitioning into  new roles or out of the organization
  • Individuals in need of leadership coaching
  • Organizations seeking support for their employees to grow 
  • Individuals who need a trusted advisor to help them navigate the intricacies of their job search

Our values

Our team operates from a set of shared values that guide every decision and client interaction. These principles drive our team, and reflect the caliber of clients we work with.


We act with honesty and fairness at all times, and work to cultivate trust and confidence with every client.


By maintaining curiosity about people and the world, we consistently challenge ourselves to innovate and continue learning.


We strive to operate with excellence in everything we do, and consistently deliver high-quality work.


We believe the best work comes when we work as a team, seek diversity and inclusion, and welcome ideas that are different than our own.


We treat everyone with respect, give credit where credit is due, and work to cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves.


We are open about our process, market insights, and candidate feedback, to ensure everyone feels supported, informed, and well-equipped to make the best decisions.

ivy Ecosystem

ivy works with a variety of partners that allow us to provide exceptional service that aligns with our mission and values at every step:

shallow focus of leaves

What’s in a name

ivy is an evergreen climbing plant that grows anywhere, survives tough conditions and reaches incredible heights. We believe that growth, with the right guidance, can happen anywhere under any condition.

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