Chief Experience Officer and General Manager

Situated on Vancouver Island and only 40 minutes from downtown Victoria, Malahat Skywalk is a spectacular destination offering sweeping, panoramic views of the coast and providing an immersive, natural and cultural experience to visitors from all over the world. Brought to you by the same team behind the wildly successful Sea to Sky Gondola, Malahat Skywalk is a 2023, Tripadvisor Traveler’s choice winner and is a must-do for anybody visiting Vancouver Island.

Nearing the end of its second year of operations and with the build and launch phase complete, they are in search of a dynamic and visionary Chief Experience Officer and General Manager with a track record of turning strategy into action and a track record for creating exceptional customer experiences.

This position reports to the Principals and holds leadership responsibility for the entire staff.

About You

The right person for this position has extensive senior leadership in adventure, attraction, resort, or guest focused organisations with proven excellence in multi-functional management.

You have exceptional problem-solving skills and have an entrepreneurial mindset as well as excellent understanding of financial management, and process driven project execution. Proficient in fiscal responsibility and aligning structure with objectives, you have led performance driven-cultures to success.

As an inspiring and inclusive leader with local, provincial, national and global credibility, you are proficient in team building and fostering a culture of excellence. You know the difference between good and great.  You can build rapport quickly with diverse stakeholders and are known for your outstanding communication skills and your collaborative and transparent approach.

An entrepreneurial and innovative thinker, you are high energy, results-oriented, operate with integrity and humility and are passionate about the business and the outdoors. You “Think out of the Box” and you have a proactive, wildly creative, assertive and fair approach that inspires those around you.


Guest Experience Leadership:

  • Sculpt and implement a game-changing guest experience strategy, intrinsically tied to Malahat Skywalk’s brand and mission.
  • Utilize customer insights, market trends, and competitive intelligence to amplify Malahat Skywalk’s allure and differentiation.

Program & Event Evolution:

  • Introduce and manage innovative programs, events, and experiences to escalate visitor engagement and commitment for both locals and visitors.
  • Ensure a cohesive and unparalleled guest journey, from the first touchpoint to lasting impressions.

Brand & Mission Cohesion:

  • Uphold unwavering brand consistency, deeply entwined with Malahat Skywalk’s environmental and societal imperatives.
  • Join forces with marketing experts to amplify brand visibility and standing.

Strategic Synergies & Community Engagement:

  • Develop and nurture meaningful affiliations with local businesses, tourism giants, indigenous groups, and community influencers.
  • Broker partnerships and sponsorships that augment the venue and value proposition.

Inspired Leadership & Team Synergy:

  • Act as the linchpin for the experience division, cultivating an environment of ingenuity, synergy, and guest-focused zeal.
  • Integrate with the bedrock team members, assuring a frictionless shift and an unwavering vision for the future.

Desired Qualities and Expertise

  • Experience: Rich senior leadership repertoire within adventure, attraction, resort, or guest-centric sectors. Mastery over multifaceted management. A background in outdoor tourism facilities, especially the southern Vancouver Island/Victoria market, would be the cherry on top.
  • Strategic Prowess: A forward-thinker with a commendable history of metamorphosing strategies into tangible successes. Armed with supreme problem-solving skills and an entrepreneurial zest.
  • Business Sagacity: Adeptness in fiscal management and alignments, valuing performance-driven outcomes and structured project fruition.
  • Leadership Mettle: An inclusive and galvanizing leader with credibility that transcends local to global scales. Proven prowess in team augmentation and embedding a culture of unparalleled excellence.
  • Relationship Acumen: A relationship expert, adept at swiftly establishing mutual trust and collaboration with a spectrum of stakeholders. Gifted with exemplary communication skills, favoring a collective, transparent approach.
  • Creativity & Innovation: A pioneer at heart, especially when navigating the realms of marketing and tourism.
  • Governance: Comfort navigating the nuances of corporate governance, valuing the significance of the Board and offering judicious counsel.
  • Personal Touch: An effervescent energy, unyielding results drive, complemented by unwavering integrity, humility, moral fiber, passion, assertiveness, agility, flexibility, and a genuine affinity for the great outdoors

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality, business, marketing, or analogous discipline. Postgraduate credentials will be a significant advantage.
  • A minimum of a decade’s leadership experience in the hospitality or guest experience realm, underscoring a history of elevating brands and fostering robust community engagements.


This position is located on Southern Vancouver Island and requires a consistent presence on site, living in or around the area is necessary. Candidates who are open to relocation will be considered.  

Compensation and Benefits

The typical compensation range for this position is from $180,000 – $200,000 base pay annually, with the potential for bonus and other rewards; This range is based on market location and may vary depending on related knowledge, skills and experience.